Fort Lauderdale 2019

While I was home, a friend asked whether I was representing Fort Lauderdale or Miami when people up north asked me where I am from. It’s 954 all day!

In honor of my hometown and my recent visit home, I’m sharing some of my Christmas vacation pictures with you all. These are related to my previous post Moving Forward.

To those of you pictured, I hope I chose a good pic. To those I didn’t get to see, God willing, we’ll link up soon. If we met up but didn’t take a pic, let’s remedy that next time. I’m going to try to make it home more often.

All my love! XOXO

RLC Florida 2019

My exit off of the turnpike.


I was tired AF the morning of my trip. I was so tired I didn’t realize I was sick. It hit me pretty hard that evening and kept me in bed the entire next day. By the time I made it to Fort Lauderdale, I’d greatly improved. God is so good!

My sister took me to get my nails done, and I decided on a burgundy with gold glitter. Matched my wig perfectly. I loved it so much, I decided to dye my hair to match.


It is always a pleasure to link up with my cousin Tamar (cousine in French). We were buddies growing up in Haiti, and I didn’t see her for almost 20 years. Still, when we reconnected, we didn’t skip a beat. We’ve reconnected a few times since my first return to Haiti, and I was so happy to see her again. I think we would have been positively too much for our parents had we grown up together.

My girl Izmane is so silly! She is a firecracker. I love it! We met in high school and used to get into so much trouble together. One of my favorite stories of us is when we had a class together, and we made up a skit full of inside jokes for one of our assignments. We were cracking up so much that we could barely get through it. Our teacher thought we weren’t taking the assignment seriously and failed us. We actually spent time on it and practiced. I swear, if I call her up now and say, “Amber!”–said in a Haitian accent–we’ll both start cracking up. (Amber is short for embarrassment. You gotta roll the “r”. See, I told you–inside joke.)


Margaret and I go back all the way to middle school. She’s always been one of the sweetest and smartest people I know. Margaret was zen while I was tempestuous, but we suited each other perfectly. We met up at First Watch near the Sawgrass Mall for breakfast. We haven’t seen each other since my wedding almost 10 years ago. But, we get back together like time stopped somehow. Margaret is vegan and shared with me some recipes and ideas that I plan to incorporate so that I can eat and bake healthier.

Twan and I met when she moved to our neighborhood toward the end of eighth grade. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding. I remember our first real meeting. I was going to the eighth grade prom and she was playing. I asked her why she wasn’t coming and she said she was new and didn’t really know about that stuff. I decided we needed to be friends–and we have been ever since. I probably need to pay her a counseling fee for all the times I called her in my feelings about a boy. It would be hella late and I’ve called her with, “I think I love him, but don’t want to, and I shouldn’t. Is that normal?” My girl accepts me when I’m a hot mess and when I’m put together. Thank you, sis!

FL 2019 FOOD

So, let me tell you about this Publix sub here, baby! The Publix deli on Commercial and 441 makes the best subs. When I was in college, I’d be sure to stop there to grab a Cajun turkey sub on my way to the turnpike. I later graduated to the buffalo chicken sub. Life has never been the same. Went on a rainy day while waiting for the beauty supply store down the road to open. It was so freakin’ good! I love Publix so much!

The other two pics are my lunch with Twan at Latitudes Hollywood Beach. I’m eating more salad since meeting up with Margaret and another vegan friend. (Shout out to Casey Ryback. LOL!)

Speaking of shout outs, shout out to Robyn at First Watch. Great service. Ask for her if you go.

Oh yeah…also went to Disney World and Busch Gardens. It rained the whole time we were at Busch Gardens. I always wondered what happened at theme parks when it rained–really rained. I found out. Throw on a poncho and brave the weather til they shut down the park. The plus side: no lines!


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