Music: Buju Banton + John Legend — Memories

If you read this blog like you should be reading this blog, you know that I LOVE a good song–with good lyrics. I’m not particular to any genre. I just like music that makes me want to click repeat.

I’ve been reticent to give ear to any new music ’cause so much of it is basura! I’d rather waste precious minutes of my life scrolling through IG for giggles and entertainment.

Last night, as I was adding to my IG story, I came across this song! I immediately went to Youtube to find it.

“Memories” by Buju Banton and John Legend is about that we got mad and took things too far and we’re wanting that old thing back but now it’s complicated type of love. John Legend is always a sure bet, and Buju Banton has been one of my faves since “Champion”.

Buju sets it off with, “What shall I do? You confess to me that you feel the same way too, girl…”

John Legend confesses, “I guess I’m not over you like I thought I was. Guess I was fooling myself. Cause I’m still in love… Can’t get over you woman. No matter how I try.”

They both go on to tell how this love became the longing and regret that it is now.

Listen, give me some love and desire, and I’m sold. But when Buju says, “Treasure your body, but I cherish your mind…” he got me. That was orgasmic!

I honestly didn’t expect this song from these two. As good as the two artists are, I find solo musicians’ duets to be underwhelming. Brandy and Monica killed it with “The Boy is Mine” but most collaborations are not as seamless. The two ebb and flow over a smooth Reggae beat that makes you want to give yourself over to the music. This one hits the mark. No fake Jamaican accent from the American. Seamless!

What really stands out to me is that this song is from a man’s point of view, yet is emotionally vulnerable and does not play up the stereotypical machismo. There is no pride or ego being exalted. On the contrary, being proud is how this relationship deteriorated in the first place. Now, he’s letting that pride go in revealing his despair. “It’s driving me crazy. Thoughts of you with another man. I am losing my lady. So sad I am,” John Legend laments.

This sort of openness from a man isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon but, popular music is so hyper-masculine and toxic these days, hearing a man admit he messed up and affirming a woman’s feelings this way is both refreshing and welcomed.

Take a listen for yourself.

Memories Official Lyric Video

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