Tats and Piercings

So, my birthday is coming up soon. I’ve been thinking, in celebration, I should get some piercings.

I’ve wanted to get about 4 or 5 ear piercings for years, but I’m pretty commitment phobic. I’ve been wearing some super cute ear cuffs to get used to the look. I think I may go for it this year.

reallifechic.com gold ear cuffs

In the past I’ve thought of getting a labret piercing, but opted for a faux one instead, that I wore often in college. Looked something like this:

pinterest labret hoop

But, when the way to get a real labret piercing is as pictured below, I want no parts. I don’t trust anyone enough to cut me other than my obstetrician.


I wore a septum faux ring too. Like the faux lip ring, it was a simple silver band. I miss my faux piercings. I went to Claire’s with a friend the other day and saw some more ornate ones. Didn’t like the designs they had for sale, but I’ll probably get something boho chic online. I’d like one that looks similar to these:

jaya moksha etsy

I would also like to get black or white henna done on my arms, legs and back. I definitely do not intend to get anything permanent in that way. Still, it is my kind of beautiful. (Click on the pics to see them larger.)

While falling down the rabbit hole of Pinterest henna ideas, I came across tats for scars. Now I’m thinking about getting my c-section scar done with with the names of my kiddos. My scar was almost non-existent with baby number 1, but it’s definitely noticeable after number 2. Still, it’s not very large and is below the panty line, so I’ll probably never go through with it.

scar tat 1

scar tat 2

scar tat 3

scar tat 4

I’ll keep you posted on whether I go through with the piercings. Will have to recruit a friend to come with me and hold my hand.

Definitely will hold off on the henna ’til sundress season, though. Not doing all that just to hide it under a coat.

To see some more of my henna and piercing ideas, visit me on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/reallifechic/

2 responses to “Tats and Piercings”

  1. Welcome to the world of body art. I don’t have any issues with piercings and tattoos as long as its tasteful. The next visit to Florida, I cam hook you up with something better than henna. It’s a gel from south America and it last longer, healthier on the skin.

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