North Korean Gov’t Approved Hairstyles

I was reading Huffington Post, and came across a story about North Korean hairstyles .  I was pretty surprised to find out that the government actually dictates how people can style their hair.   Women are allowed 18 options and men have 10.

Not only do men get the shaft when it comes to the number of options, but those cuts are just plain unfortunate.

North Korea Daily Life North Korea Daily Life

The origins of North Korea’s coiffure rules can be traced back to a state TV show launched in 2005, entitled ‘Let ius trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle’.

The catchily titled show promoted short hair among the male populace and generally frowned on those “untidy” foreign styles.

NK News recalls how the show sent out: Teams with hidden cameras to catch Pyongyangites who were falling foul of recommended hair-styles.

“Upon confronting these individuals, the programme makers dramatically went on to broadcast their full names, professions and addresses, in the hope of influencing viewers to stick with orthodoxy.”

Wow!  This is all so absurd.

Source: Huffington Post

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