Now, listen here

Ok. So after I wrote my last post, I realize that people actually read my blog! I actually have more than 2 readers!

laughing baby gif

No, really. Thank you to all of you who read, share, like and comment.

After I published “Trapped in Commitment” I had a few “You want to tell me something?” messages from family and friends.


No, I don’t actually. I was thinking out loud. What I meant was what I wrote.

I am not about to use my blog to be cryptic, spill other people’s tea or be judgy. Actually I may be a little judgy sometimes. I’m not perfect. But, I don’t think there’ll be very much of that–if any at all.

This platform is for me to share my stories and connect with interested and like-minded people.

Y’all let me be, now. Yah hear?

EK Stare.gif

Let me be on my Eartha Kitt badassery. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. LOL!

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