Music: Khalid + Normani — Love Lies

I’m listening to a lot of Khalid lately. I’ve been hearing about him for sometime now, but I never bothered to seek out his music. I was listening to Pandora the other day, and one of his songs came up. I was like, who’s that?

Since then, I’ve had him on replay and even added him as a station on Pendora. One of my faves is “Love Lies”, a duet with Normani.

I’m so in love with this song. Super sexy! Check it out below. (The lyric video follows the official video. You’ll want to listen more than once anyway.)

One response to “Music: Khalid + Normani — Love Lies”

  1. True talent…both of them. But you won’t see them on every media outlet 24-7 because they don’t have drama going on. It’s a shame what or who the industry will push to the front of the line.

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