Take my breath away

Last December, a very thoughtful person gave me a gift that was oxygen, light, and defibrillator all in one.

At that time I was physically drained, sleep-deprived, and stressed.  I was lost in the monotony of my routine.  But then… John Coltrane.  John Coltrane The Lost Album.  John Coltrane The Lost Album: Both Directions at Once!

To say I was awestruck and absolutely overcome with joy would be an understatement!

There are few things that can render me speechless.  Few things that excite me.  And few things that move me to deep thought–epiphanies if you will.  Art–in all its forms, but especially music–has always been that je ne sais quoi that has the ability to reach deep inside of me, stop time, give full clarity, and take my breath away.

Both Directions at Once did just that.  I couldn’t wait to play it, and when I did…Whoo child!

Track 1, “Untitled Original 11383 (Take 1)”, is an immediate splash of water to the face and stir of consciousness!  The record is raw and honest. Coltrane converses through the sax with a realness rarely found in any medium.  You feel the tension.  The push and pull.  His reaching for something greater.  It’s almost disconcerting.  Are you a voyeur or invited guest?

Thankfully, Coltrane allows you in.  Fully immersed, you are privileged to bear witness.  He strips you of any preconceived notions.  You willingly oblige.

How do I catch my breath after this?  First thought I had was: Write!  And so here I am.

Both Directions at Once is mind blowing from start to finish.  It took me places I didn’t even know I needed to go.  It woke me up to passions I had unknowingly allowed to fade.  It was just what I needed to re-center and get back to the joy of being my authentic self.

Sometimes, a small gesture can have a tremendous impact.  Sometimes you connect, though you have no idea it’s happening.  I’m eternally grateful for this one:  John Coltrane – The Lost Album: Both Directions at Once.



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