Just not that into you

I recently watched an Instagram clip of a reality show where three young women were talking about tracking their boyfriends through their phones.  One particularly vocal young lady was very proud of her abilities and was sharing her knowledge with the one who had yet to start tracking but wanted to learn.

Is this what we’re doing in 2019?  The level of ridiculous was so high that I couldn’t help but to share the clip with a friend.  And now with you all.

Listen, if you need to track the whereabouts of your man or woman, you need to let that relationship go.  I could be wrong here, but I don’t think anyone finds that cute.

I’ve known people who nagged their partner to the point of breakup, but I have never known anyone who stayed in a relationship long-term after constantly being told who they could spend time with, where they could go, and what time they needed to be back.

I just don’t have the physical or emotional energy it takes to keep tabs on a man.  I definitely would feel highly disrespected if someone tried me like that.

I realize there are people who will pursue a person who is already in a relationship.  However, your partner must be discerning enough to keep people like that at bay.  A relationship must be built on trust, and trust requires respect on the part of both parties.  If you can’t trust your partner to be around another person without disrespecting the relationship, no amount of nagging or phone tracking is going to solve that problem.

I suppose being able to know your partner’s whereabouts also yields some type of power or feeling of control for those who do this.  But, is it really real if you’ve got to go through all that?

Should you know who your partner is hanging out with?  Absolutely.  But, let that man or woman respect you enough to be honest.

Cut the shenanigans.

One response to “Just not that into you”

  1. Anyone who has to spend their time tracking his or her partner need not remain in that relationship…get a hobby!

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