Barbershop Fiending

IMG_20181223_133608_773In 2015, I decided I wanted to get a tapered cut and color. So, I went to this salon where I’d been getting Dominican blow outs.  WORST decision ever!  I looked like an orange and yellow waffle iron had been burned into the top of my head.  The cut…trash!  An uneven boxy mess.

Luckily, I found Rita at Tousled Hair salon in Jersey City to color correct and get me back to black.

Been through several barbers since then, but most recently, I found one who makes me feel like Christmas!

Johnny from The Shop in Englewood knows how to get ya girl slaaaayed!

Had an appointment with him today, and he did the darn thing once again!  Like, I look forward to getting my hair cut.  Here is my before and after.


The color is by Rita from Tousled. Finally worked up the nerve after all these years to try again with the color.  Took the leap last December.

Will share a few more pix in the future.

Aside: I swear I thought I was smiling in both pix.  Bwahahaha!


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