Music: Ciara — I Bet


I’m really loving what Ciara is bringing this time around.  Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Strong!

I liked “I Bet” when I first heard it, but the video is on point(e)!  See what I did there? 😉

This video took me back to when Ciara first came out and was riding atop that convertible, in “Goodies”, while wearing a swimsuit/leotard and low-cut jeans. She comes off as authentic and true to herself.

Like “Goodies”, this video gives us a sense of who she is–a dancer at heart.  She strikes me as a stronger and more self-assured woman than she used to be.

I think for a long time, Ciara was trying to fit into who image makers thought she was supposed to be–and this could still be the case.  However, now, she seems to be carving out her own lane based on who she knows herself to be.  Who else has moves like that and a body like that?  Her voice sounds stronger too.

I hope to see and hear a lot more of this commanding  Cici.

Here’s the video:

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