Style Icon: Grace Jones

It’s not quite accurate to call Grace Jones a style icon.  She is that and so much more.  This woman is a work of art.

Grace Jones personifies the word fierce!  I mean, look at her!



This woman is fire!  If that pic above doesn’t say “I’m the baddest”, I don’t know what does.  When I look at any pic of Grace–Miss Jones if you’re nasty–I’m in a constant state of awe.


Grace is straight up beautiful!  Her beauty is striking.  Try as you may, but those lips. Those eyes.  Those cheekbones cannot be ignored.

Her photos are super iconic.  Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Rihanna and others have tried to capture her style, but Grace Jones cannot be duplicated!

Grace Jones body and facegrace jones rooftopGrace Jones black leggings

I remember the first time I saw Grace Jones when I was a child.  My reaction was, “Whoa!  Who is that?”  I couldn’t take my eyes off of this bold woman with ebony skin, who looked like a perfectly carved statue.  She didn’t seem real.  In one word, I was fascinated.

Grace Jones Arnold Schwartzenneger

I thought she was an actress, but she was also a model, singer, performance artist, and an all around bad ass–among other things.  She was and is a Renaissance woman.  She wasn’t a pretending to be someone for the sake of show business.  She was a show and the business.

I was listening to NPR the other day, and Dolph Lundgren was talking about how he got his big break in Rocky.  As part of the story, he talked about being Grace’s boy toy.  I was like, “What?!”  I smiled, and the hook to Eve’s “She Bad Bad”  ran through my mind.


One of my favorite Grace Jones performances is her role as Strangé in Boomerang.  She stole every single scene she appeared in. I particularly love this one.  Outrageous!

Whoo Child!

ced133b096bf4c7b867a22e1b7cfcc9dKUzUYMd5b889354bbbe57869d607059052a64aGrace Jones 2009Grace is still performing and modeling.  She is as beautiful as ever!



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