Nail This! Sally Hansen Red Eye

Sally Hansen Red Eye 3

I’m not a nail girl.  I’m too much of a tomboy.  However, every so often I do like to get a little girly.  When I do, I break out the nail polish!

Right now, I’m LOVING Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish in Red Eye.  Red Eye is a highly-pigmented, bright red color with a warm base.  I have four or five colors in the Miracle Gel line and they are all good!

Sally Hansen Red Eye 2

1. I am not very good at applying polish.  However, the consistency of the Miracle Gel is perfect!  Not too thick, not too liquid.  Applying one coat is fine, but I never need more than two coats.

2.  This polish dries quicker than some more expensive OPI polishes that I own.  I still use the Sally Hansen Kwik Dry though.  Cause I don’t have time to sit around for my nails to dry.

3. The Miracle Gel polish is supposed to be used with a Miracle Gel Top Coat.  I have yet to be able to find the top coat–it’s always out of stock–so I just use my regular Top Coat to give it staying power.  The polish doesn’t chip off without a top coat, and I usually wear it without, but it does start to wear off at the top of the nail after a while.

4. Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish is a good buy.  You won’t regret the purchase.  Plus, unlike some other polishes, the color you see in the bottle, is actually the color you’ll see on your nails.

Sally Hansen Red Eye

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