A New Direction

I’ve struggled for a while to come to a decision as to where I want this blog to go.  I really can’t post every single day, and I’ve been ambivalent about sharing too much of myself.  Perhaps that is weird for a person who writes a blog in which so many of her pictures are featured.

In any case, I initially wanted to focus only on other people, but that changed.  I wanted to focus just on fashion, but that changed too.

I often find myself wanting to post things I’m thinking about or experiences I’ve had, but I stop myself because some of those things don’t quite fit with my initial idea for this site.

I’ve pigeonholed myself in this way and others for quite too long.

So now, I’ve come to a decision.  I will write about and post about whatever the heck I feel like posting.  After all, I’m the one paying for this site.

At my core, I am a writer.  I am an artist.  I am a person with many complex interests that are both shallow and profound.  I am choosing to share more of that with you.

Tell me what you think. Leave a Reply.

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