RLC_MAC_48Lash2 I accidentally ended up in Times Square last week–wasn’t paying attention to where my bus was going–and I took that as a sign that I should visit the MAC store.

I still had a few items on my list from my last visit to MAC a few weeks ago, and I wanted to check them out.

One must-have for me were lashes.  The last time I wore false lashes was four years ago.  My makeup artist did them when I got married.  I’ve tried applying lashes a few times since then but I could never get it right.

I met a wonderful young lady named Tatiana at MAC who helped me pick out my lashes, applied them for me, and taught me–step by step–how to apply the lashes.  Tatiana is an awesome teacher ’cause I am now very proficient!

Check out the pics of the MAC 48 lashes I bought and Tatiana applied.

MAC 48 Lash


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