Cheeky: MAC Coppertone Blush

I’ve been wearing MAC’s Raizin as my go-to blush for ages now.  I have several others, but Raizin has been my staple.

I wanted something a little more subtle, more bronze, and less red.  It also had to be matte.

After researching pics on Google images, I made a list and headed to Macy’s.  It came down to Coppertone and Gingerly.  I couldn’t decide, so I bought both.

I tried them on again at home. Gingerly seemed to blend in to my skin.  It was also more pink.  I’ll be returning it.  I’m keeping the Coppertone.

I’ve been wearing it all week and contouring with either Raizin or Blunt.  I’m in LOVE!

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