Music: Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You Ft. Rihanna

Love this catchy, dance tune.  The video is a little risque.  Does such a thing exist anymore, or is the faux lesbian action so commonplace now that this strikes you as just another over-used attention- seeking ploy?  This isn’t a stretch for Rihanna, but I don’t remember ever seeing Shakira writhing half-naked in bed with another woman.

Shakira’s last album didn’t exactly grab consumers, so I’ll venture to say Rihanna’s grabbing at her “boot” so they can both grab at your dollars–and attention.

I think the fact that I’m even analyzing it means they’ve succeeded in the latter.  The two ladies look fierce though.  Gotta give them that.

On a side note: Is it just me, or does this video seem to be biting from Shakira and Beyonce’s Beautiful Liar?

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