Music: Kat Dahlia – Gangsta


While I was listening to Emeli Sandé on Youtube last week, I saw an ad for this video by Kat Dahlia.  I liked the art for the single, and was in a trying mood, so I thought I’d try her out.  I like this song, but I’d like to hear more from Kat before I make up my mind about her.

She has a beautiful voice, but she uses her throat a lot to create a more gritty sound, and it’s bordering on a bit much.

Still, I love the lyrics and the styling of the video.  Though she’s from Miami, she has a very New York style in the video and cover art.   I suppose this makes sense since she left Miami for NYC when she turned 18.

I especially appreciate the “real” look of Miami illustrated in this video–rich and working poor.  I used to ride down 8th Street (Calle Ocho) all the time when I lived in Miami, and this brings back some memories of that time.

Also check out this song, “Money Party” from her as well.   The reggae vibe I got from “Gansta” is definitely a style she’s working with.  I like it.  Kind of unexpected from a Cuban-American artist.  Usually record companies try to push for a more Latin sound.

I get a Nelly Furtado, Res, and Gwen Stefani feel from her.

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