Ooh! Wedding Dresses!

I have wedding dresses on my mind.  I think it’s ’cause my anniversary was in February, and I was looking at wedding pictures.  I really loved my dress, although I wasn’t quite sure I’d picked the right one–at first.

My girlfriends Dionne, Aisha, and Cici were great sports.  All together, they helped me scour just about every bridal salon in New York and Ft. Lauderdale.  My sisters and niece were even recruited on one of their trips to see me.  I literally spent months looking for a dress.  I get winded just thinking about it.

Anyway, one day after work, I went to Kleinfeld’s and bought my dress.


I had tried on so many dresses, I had finally figured out the elements I wanted in my dress.  Sweetheart neckline, mermaid silhouette and tulle.  This dress had all three.

This is how I looked in it:


I recently revisited the Kleinfeld site, and a few dresses stood out. These are 2013 dresses by Austin Scarlett (Project Runway).  Had these dresses been available at the time, I think they definitely would have been contenders.

This pink gown seems like one of those dresses that is spectacular depending on the angle.  Still, I like the illusion of big, bold flowers on the dress.  I’m not feeling that little tuft of fabric on the bodice, however.  It’s a little wanting.  It either needs more or none at all.


This “Gardenia” dress is a two-piece.  I like the softness and ease the floral pattern creates.


I like the versatility of this dress.  It seems perfect for a younger or older bride, vow renewal, garden or church wedding, and everything in between.


What do you think of these dresses?  Which is your favorite?

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