Music: Emeli Sandé


Discovered Emeli Sande today, and my ears are grateful that I did.   I saw a friend had liked her Facebook page, so I thought I’d give her a listen.

Wow!  What a talent!

I love her voice and her videos.

Checked out her website and learned that Emeli is 23 years old and comes from a rural town in Scotland.  Scotland!  Who woulda thunk it?!

She recently won two 2013 Brit Awards:  Best British Female and Best British Album of the Year.

This woman is the truth.  I practically gag when people who are heavily autotuned call themselves artists, when it’s obvious they have no singing talent and are just manufactured business commodities.

Emeli doesn’t have to cry out “I’m an artist” because it is quite obvious to anyone listening and watching.

Don’t believe me?  Watch her video for “Clown”.

In her own words…

“I think I’m a very unlikely popstar. This is an album I wrote because I didn’t have the confidence to say these things in person. And for me, that so many people have connected with this album and have found strength in these words makes me feel incredible…”

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