Christie Brown

ChristieBrown_CollageA couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Ghanaian fashion label Duaba Serwa.

I’ve discovered another oh so chic Ghanaian based luxury brand.  Christie Brown.

The apparel and accessories label describes its clientele as  “that modern woman who seeks a true taste of Africa”.

I must be that woman, because I would wear every Christie Brown piece.

Creative Director Aisha Obuobi, who launched the line in 2008, named the label for her grandmother, Christie Brown, a seamstress.  Ms. Obuibi’s aim is “to infuse modernism into carefully selected traditional African aesthetic that transcends international borders.”

One look at her work, and you can see that she’s achieved this goal.  Christie Brown will appeal to the woman who wants to pepper her wardrobe with a little bit of Africa without taking too much of it in, as well as to the woman who wants to make a definitive and bold statement in bright, beautiful prints.

Christie Brown offers a variety of looks from their six collections. Stunning!  Take a look.

Source: Christie Brown Online

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