Chic Icon: Eartha Kitt

The first time I saw Eartha Kitt, I was mesmerized.  I was in middle school when I saw her as Catwoman on a re-run of Batman.  I was flipping channels and had to go back.


Mind you, it was the early 90s, but there were no women like her on television–Black.  Beautiful. Fierce.  Her face was covered by a mask, but that  face that was so unique, it was permanently etched into your brain.


That face.  That voice.  That body.  Eartha Kitt was a bad chick!  She exuded sex appeal with just a look or a slight turn.  Most of all, she was talented and smart!

Eartha Mae Kitt was an international star who gave new meaning to the word versatile. She distinguished herself in film, theater, cabaret, music and on television. Miss Kitt was one of only a handful of performers to be nominated for a Tony (three times), the Grammy (twice), and Emmy Award (twice). (

I saw her in the film Boomerang with Eddie Murphy, and she stole the show!  Who can forget Lady Eloise seducing Marcus with, “Maaaaarcus.  Maaaaaarcus, dhaling.”

Eartha Kitt was a petite woman, but her presence was tremendous!  Eartha Kitt had a rough childhood, but she didn’t let her circumstances determine who she was.  She always exuded class and grace.  All with a chic sense of style.

Find out more about Eartha Kitt here:

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