Duaba Serwa

I discovered Ghanaian fashion label Duaba Serwa while looking for fun, colorful, print dresses online.  As soon as I saw this dress, fireworks went off and music played in my head!


I needed to know who flawlessly and effortlessly put everything I love into one dress–bright colors, print, beading, and clothing that look like art.

Duaba Serwa, designed by Nelly Aboagye from Ghana is, in one word, powerful!  This line of bold prints is for a fun-loving, strong, confident woman who expects to turn heads.

Print, color, beading, mesh, embroidery, and strategically placed slits don’t sound as if they could be put together to create one refined piece, but Aboagye’s skill makes it possible.  Pairing those design elements with beautifully tailored high waist, pencil skirts and A-line dresses with little to no décolletage make for a chic, eclectic, and distinctly African aesthetic.

Photos: Duaba Serwa

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